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of electronically-mediated education

July 2014 Newsletter

Featured Resource

Evaluating Web Accessibility Efforts—A Guide for Accreditation Review Teams

Assessing the quality of institutional web accessibility for an accreditation portfolio can be a complex issue. GOALS has developed a reviewer guidance document to assist agencies reviewing portfolios that include web accessibility efforts.

From Our Blog

GOALS Cheatsheets Update—Now with (Two) Videos!

GOALS recently announced two brief videos on Creating Accessible PDF Documents in Adobe Acrobat XI and Creating Captions in YouTube. Also recently added are cheatsheets for Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for Windows.

News and Resources

2nd Circuit Affirms Ruling in Dispute over Digitized Books

A U.S. appeals court has ruled in favor of the NFB copyright infringement case over digitizing books for the visually impaired.

More Delay for DOJ Web Regs—Does it Matter?

Although the DOJ has yet to issue web accessibility regulations, their actions show they consider website inaccessibility a violation of the ADA.

The Secret Powers Hidden in Your Android's Accessibility Options

Diverse features located in Android's Accessibility settings can be useful to everyone, not just those with a disability.

Is Your Public School Accessible?

Although institutions of higher education have been the target of web accessibility lawsuits to this point, recent developments in public charter schools show increased accountability at the k-12 level.