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NCDAE: The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

Joining together to improve the accessibility
of electronically-mediated education

March 2014 Newsletter

GOALS Presents at CSUN

Visit GOALS staff at the CSUN Technology and Disability Conference this year. We will be giving the following presentations:

Wheelchair Ramps & Skip Links: Real World Web Accessibility Lessons

Wednesday, March 19, 12 PM. Explore what web accessibility advocates can learn from accessibility in the physical world, and what challenges are unique to the web.

Reflections on System-level Web Accessibility in Postsecondary Education

Thursday, March 20, 8 AM. Hear the NCDAE's reflections on our 6-year efforts to help colleges and universities implement web accessibility at the institutional level.

Accreditation and Advocacy: Using Reaffirmation to Make the Case for A11y

Friday, March 21, 9:20 AM. Regional accreditation is a motivator for institutional work on A11y. Learn how to embed this work on your campus and document your efforts during reaffirmation.

From Our Blog

GOALS Email Discussion List

We are happy to announce the launch of our new GOALS email discussion list. This list will be a place for GOALS project participants and other interested parties to share questions, experiences, and recommendations on system-level web accessibility implementation efforts.

Will this be the year?

Right now in the U.S., there are a number of regulations just on the horizon that could positively affect digital accessibility; the field has been waiting a very long time for these legislative gems. Will this be the year?

News and Resources

Web Accessibility: Tools and Considerations

This resource outlines some common accessibility problems and provides a list of evaluation tools available (including GOALS partner WebAIM's WAVE tool).

Using Drupal to Support Web Accessibility in Higher Education

Many schools recognize that Drupal is part of their web accessibility solution.

'Accessibility Ready' WordPress Themes

This article highlights seven WordPress themes that are optimized for web accessibility.

About the ICT Refresh

The United States Access Board recently submitted a proposed update to its Section 508 Standards and Telecommunications Act Accessibility Guidelines.