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Joining together to improve the accessibility
of electronically-mediated education

September 2013 Newsletter

From Our Blog

Reflections on Accessibility Expectations: Faculty Are Expected to Do What?

Faculty and staff can't get to accessibility outcomes on their own. But even with training and support, should we ask them to do it all?

Featured Article

Go Tell It On The Mountain— Spreading the Word about Your Accessibility Work

Communication is often overlooked when developing a web accessibility plan. However, getting the word out is essential if your plan is to succeed. The following article offers some suggestions and advice to help you publicize and market your plan to the institutional community.

In the News

Road Map to Web Accessibility in Higher Education

This 22-page white paper from 3Play Media covers the best practices for creating an accessible university infrastructure.

Accessibility Driving Mobile Technology Market

Leading manufacturers see accessibility as a competitive edge and this is reflected in innovation in accessibility for mobile devices.

Accessible Marketing Series in Review

Learn how marketing departments in higher education can benefit from accessible marketing tactics.

Digital Education Shouldn't Bypass Disabled

Kyle Schachmut, student at Boston University and president of the NFB of Massachusetts, advocates for accessible electronic content at institutions everywhere.

IT Accessibility Policy Takes Effect at UC Davis

UC Davis announces the adoption of a new IT accessibility policy.