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NCDAE: The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

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National Summit on Disability and Distance Education

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education held two national summits. The first, in May 2004, included top national educators, business leaders, and advocates to begin the development of national agenda regarding accessible distance education policies, and practices. Through collaborative efforts of expert invitees, summit partners discussed action plans for distance education-related policy development, scientifically-based research activities and evidence-based professional development curriculum. A summary from each of the summit work groups is available below:

May 2004 Summit Materials

Pre-summit discussion papers were developed for Summit participants to give them a common reference regarding the issues and concerns to be addressed during the May 2004 Summit meeting. The Notes and Comments for Action links in the table below include a summary of workgroup participant discussions. A list of 2004 Summit attendees is included below.

Technology Policy Issues

January 2005 Summit Follow Up

The January 2005 meeting was a follow-up to the May 2004 meeting, and had a slightly different format than the May meeting. Affiliate presentations were made by Carol Price of CTB-McGraw Hill, Patricia Hendricks of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technology in Education Consortium, and Ken Salaets from the IT Industry Council. Each panelist discussed the May 2004 Summit notes in an effort to extend the national conversation from their perspective. Notes from the January 2005 meeting are available on-line.

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